Friday, March 2, 2012

'Buff Geese'

I adore geese and want a pair badly, but for now I will paint them.  These are intended to be American Buff geese which are a rare domestic breed that are indeed a buff color, not white, with lighter and darker accents.  Here's the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy page on them with a few pictures
This breed and the Pilgrim have a much quieter and calmer disposition than the more common breeds that have given domestic geese a bad reputation.

This small painting (< 5x7") consists of an underpainting of acrylic on gessoed, heavy watercolor paper, with pastels on top (hence framed under glass).  Switching around with different mediums, vs. sticking with my beloved oil paints always and forever, is refreshing; and I have a closet full of acrylic and pastel supplies!


  1. Love your new kitty and your "kids"! Nice chicken painting above, too.
    Have you ever read "Enslaved by Ducks" by Bob Tarte? It's a funny memoir about all the many animals (including geese, which is why I'm mentioning it to you) he has kept as pets.

  2. I want geese, too!
    Terry from HenCam -- GeeseCam would be fun, though :)