Fusing a wax layer before applying the next one...

Fusing a wax layer before applying the next one...



Contemporary paintings in oils, with hot or cold beeswax.


While working in conservation as a naturalist, graphic design and illustration lead Leecia to painting in 2005. She credits her study of plant and bird identification with teaching her to see rather than just look. Even so, her recent work relies as much on imagination as observation.


Since 2013, the midcoast has been her beloved home. Like many, she visited seasonally before moving here year-around. Maine's endless forests, rocky shores, and ubiquitous waterbodies are her most treasured places and inspiration.


As a beekeeper she learned to create both hot and cold painting mediums from her extra beeswax, these are combined with oil paints or dry artist pigments. She remains fascinated by the tactile properties of the beeswax, its translucency and shine; and the effects of scraping, layering, incising, melting, and fusing with a blowtorch.


Since working with pigmented wax, Leecia has found a way to put more of her translation of the Maine landscape into paintings, adding interesting unknowns, gestural marks, and evidence of her interaction with the physical properties of the materials.


Her wish is to present the viewer with an image they may connect with and translate into their own personal story; ideally an interesting and unique aesthetic experience.