Art in the Square at Boothbay Region Art Foundation 2015

My submissions to the fundraiser for the foundation, all paintings in the show are 12 x 12 inches and $100.  It hangs through January.

These paintings are based on our recent trip to France. The colors in Provence, even in fall without the sunflowers and lavender in bloom, were inspiring.  I especially loved the blue-green of the olive trees and pruned lavender plants, and the yellow-orange of the grapevines.

Aldermere Farm 2015 Art Show

Five of my paintings are in this year's fundraising art show for Aldermere Farm.  Tonight is a preview sale for Maine Coast Heritage Trust Members and Saturday, August 1, it is open 10-4 for the public.  It takes place in the large barn on Chestnut street in Rockport.

Lily Pond 7x5 oil

On the Coast I (South Bristol) 8x10 oil

On the Coast II (Owls Head) 5x7 oil

On the Coast III (Spruce Head) 9x12 oil

Red Belted Gallaway and Calf 10x8 oil

Show at the Good Tern Coop Cafe (and a colony of bees)

A selection of my paintings will hang at the Good Tern Coop Cafe from May 4th 2015 until May 31st.   I've been a weekly working member there, in produce, for over a year.  They are a wonderful group of people to work with and I'm grateful to be offered this opportunity.

I'll have a dozen or so paintings there.  My most recent work is at an intimate scale and primarily portrays my interest in the overlooked and undervalued within our environment: 'weeds', pollinator food plants; and bees, both native and honey bees. Some pieces might spark conversations about what a surprisingly big difference seemingly small changes can make in our own yards.  There will also be some 'winter flowers' such as roses (store-bought) and geraniums (blooming indoors), just what I found available and colorful in the frozen northern winter.

Last Saturday I brought home 15,000 new pets.  They seem to be settling in okay, despite the poor flying weather they have been able to bring home pollen a few days.

Winter Storms & 'Northeastern Florida Beach'

20 x 16 acrylic on canvas, sold

When the weather looks like this outside...

Many painters turn to beach scenes, but this has been on my easel - on and off - for months, before it was really cold out.  I enjoy the snow very much - this is only my second northern winter; it is still a novelty to me and magically beautiful.  My snow paintings are yet to work out.  

This beach was inspired by photos I took in FL, but also from The Bahamas, Spanish Key (bottom).  

Aldermere Farm Annual Art Show

100s of pieces of artwork, hay bales, rustic barn, portable construction lighting, benefiting youth agriculture and education programs provided by this great, beautiful farm owned by Maine Coast Heritage Trust.  I'm very happy to have been a part of this for the 1st time and sold my submissions.

Every Wednesday I volunteer at the farm's visitor center for a few hours selling t-shirts, books, artwork, and humanely- and sustainably-raised beef!

Postcard Sketches of Our Companions

Building/planting 4 raised beds with veggies and pollinator plants, splitting/stacking firewood, yard maintenance, ongoing house renovations, much getting accomplished, but little painting.

As we near the summer solstice here in the far Northeast days reach surprising length,  I wish I had the energy to fill every hour with work:  light appears at 4:00 am and doesn't end until near 9:00 pm.

Happy Spring Equinox and 'Fresh Eggs'

7x5" Oil on panel, email for purchase information 

 These were not painted with Easter in mind but rather to push the real color of fresh eggs from my friend's hens.

 Presently I'm taking a color workshop with Kerstin Engman. We have been doing still lives and this is the first that I've felt is possibly finished. My idea of what my work should look like has been forever changed by the material I have learned. But it was already changing which is why my number of recent blog posts and my available painting inventory is very low.  More changes than just spring are in the air!

The fresh, varied landscape of Maine and my enchantment with winter here has complicated my work as well, but in a good way.  I have posted a lot of winter photos to my facebook page but here are a few more.

For many years I was a self-appointed inspector of snowstorms and rainstorms, and did my duty faithfully, though I never received one cent for it.” (Journal, February 22, 1845-1847).

Henry David Thoreau

Popham Beach dunes

Megunticook River (my swimming spot)

On Penobscot Bay

Bay Sunset,  9x12,  pastel on sanded paper, available for purchase

I'm lucky enough to be spending an extended time here in Camden, Maine.  Yes, that's right.  I feel lucky to be spending winter here.  Snow is not something that has been abundant in my life so far and I want to catch up.  So far we've had < 2 inches but this is Maine so there must be a white Christmas coming right?  

Here's a few photos I took with the bit of snow we had on 11/26.  Looking 2 directions in Camden harbor (on a really low tide) and the 3rd is from Rockland.  

No matter how cloudy or cold a day may be there is no shortage of artistic inspiration here.

Luann Udell, Ancient Stories Retold in Modern Artifacts, is a NH artist who creates the most amazing jewelry, sculptures, and more.  I found her blog by chance, here's a poem she shared there that I enjoyed.

“You Reading This, Be Ready”

“Starting here, what do you want to remember?
How sunlight creeps along a shining floor?
What scent of old wood hovers, what softened
sound from outside fills the air?

Will you ever bring a better gift for the world
than the breathing respect that you carry
wherever you go right now? Are you waiting
for time to show you some better thoughts?

When you turn around, starting here, lift this
new glimpse that you found; carry into evening
all that you want from this day. This interval you spent
reading or hearing this, keep it for life.

What can anyone give you greater than now,
starting here, right in this room, when you turn around?”

- William Stafford

Current Exhibit at the UUFG Sanctuary

My paintings are shown at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Gainesville until August 12th.  The art coordinator (Cindy Capehart, also a painter) invited me and I am very grateful for the opportunity.  Here are a few of the paintings, including a newly completed one of our dog Remy (NFS).

Something Different

Untitled 9x12 acrylic on canvas (sold)

A visitor to my studio saw a little study I'd set aside and liked it, I repainted it onto canvas for them.  Working more abstraction into my paintings is a goal of mine but this full abstraction, with really no hint of what the subject, is just something different and freeing.   I'll leave what I had in the back of my mind to your imagination.

'S/V High Jinx'

11x14 acrylic on board, NFS

Boats are far from my favorite painting subjects but I painted this for my husband.  High Jinx, a 37 foot Tayana, was our home for almost 2 years.  During most of time we cruised between The Bahamas and St. Lucia (about half-way down the West Indies or Lesser Antilles).  In the reference photo we took from our dinghy, she's anchored at Great Inagua in clear water with a shadow cast onto the shoal, sand bottom.

It was a great adventure but not something I want to do again so I was surprised how nostalgic painting her, examining her every line, made me feel.  She kept us dry and safe on some long, scary passages, she was a good sturdy boat.  Mind you we did not cross oceans but sometimes it felt that way on long DARK nights under sail, at the helm by myself.

There's been a second High Jinx already, a catamaran we sailed in The Bahamas on for 6 months back in 2008/09.  Don't be surprised to hear about a third in the years ahead.  But paintings of them?  I'm not so sure.

Sandhill Cranes in Flight Study

Despite the lack of posts here, I am indeed alive and well!

  I'm thinking of doing a much larger painting of this crane study, hoping to convey their grace in flight, not details.
Stormy: 'Oh, won't you please play with me...'

Coming soon...
a completed painting of Remy,

pictures of our very own egg production team,

and the reopening of my store.

Great Blue Heron and Cypresses

5x7" pastel on sanded paper

This is worked from a photo I admired (from ronnieb) at morgueFile, a reference photo site.  I was drawn to the light, cool colors of the bird on the contrasting cypress trunks.
Sometimes it is refreshing to use the photos of others (which are being clearly offered for common use...almost all photos online are copyrighted, including mine on this blog).  The ones I choose are usually subjects I'm very familiar with but just have a certain something I personally haven't captured digitally.

A bit of subtle house cat drama, subtle interaction being the exception with these guys...
while sunbathing below a bright skylight...Stormy, the bathed, narrates.

wait, i'm not so sure i want tis...


 now don't stop...


Fun With Pastels

5x7" pastel on sanded paper -  a marsh just north of Norton Pond in Lincolnville, ME.  Utilizing fiction can be very useful, or at least fun (!) when painting and the colors I wanted to use say 'spring' more than the reference (poor photo below).  Painting bright yellows, reds, & oranges didn't appeal to me at the time. 

Here's a picture of the world's best dog (because he mostly acts like a cat ;) 

Pilgrim Goose Pair

8x10 acrylic on linen board, contact me for availability

Mystic Prairie Eco-Farm in Wisconsin breeds Pilgrim geese (and more) and takes lovely pictures and videos of them.   They have given me permission to use their photos as references for which I'm very grateful.  Pilgrim males are white but the females are white and buff/gray.  Do they look in love to you?.

Acrylic paint is challenging since I like to paint slowly and blend-blend-blend, and it dries FAST!   I'm trying to adjust my expectations to the medium...and work with its advantages, texture can be one.  I could have gone back on this one and grayed down some of the saturation and played soft/hard adjustment with the edges but I decided against it...

I turned a certain age this year and in keeping with my pledge to myself to regularly step outside my comfort zone, I present my first ever canning project:  volunteer jalapenos from my husband's garden.  Also, I've canned tomatoes and knitted a few dishcloths/potholder thingies (another first).  

'Trio II' and 'Lakenvelder'

'Trio II'
Acrylic on board 5x7, black frame available

A generic trio free-ranging about.

'The Lakenvelder'
Pastel on sanded paper (approx 4x6")   SOLD

Several years ago at my first poultry show I was taken by the grace and striking black and white of this very nervous rooster.  I took some blurred pictures of him as he paced his small show cage.  

I'm so happy, I have a new camera now and will be posting often.