Crystal River

"Sable Palm at Crystal River" (Wildlife Refuge)

(8x6 oil on canvas - Sold)

So this is finally okay with me after working on this longer than I should have.

I learned a few things from this painting, I hope. First, it is easy to say I love cobalt blue, over ultramarine, but can I afford to use it most of the time? Have you tried Gamblin's transparent earth yellow? (and the t.e. red beats burnt sienna, IMHO, and they dry slower since they are synthetic) I think I might not use yellow ochre anymore? And finally, never again will I fool myself into thinking I can paint a close-in palm tree loosely...

I have another small marsh painting I'll post tomorrow. Today I spent the afternoon at Dudley Farm Historic Park, I think I'm going to be on a rural life subject kick, more on that later.