Happy Thanksgiving wishes & 'Black Dog'

Finally a new painting posted!

This is not my black dog, Remy, but Jon Katz's dog Lenore, or rather my loosely rendered work from his photo of her.  Anyway, his entertaining and inspiring blog, Bedlam Farm Journal  is one of my favorites (and he offered the personal use of his photos).

I tried to get a similar photo of my dog for fun (it it was not fun) but ended up with my much-more-easily-photographed little best friend Stormy instead.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year and I hope you do too!

'Mozart' The Saint Bernard

6x8 original oil painting on stretched canvas, sides painted, NFS

This is a painting that I am donating to the rescue in Columbia, SC that I adopted my dog Remy from. As with so many animals, his is a sad story: chained for 6 years in Southern heat, underfed, matted, heartworm positive, and more. Below is the link to his story and the organization, Cullen's Archangel Rescue League (CARL). They are seeking assistance to pay for his high vet bill and I hope that this painting can help in whatever way they choose.

I've submitted this piece to be posted on the Art For Animals blog which features donated paintings. It is a great project - check it out. I plan to do more of these, I think next I'll do a cat from the Alachua County Humane Society's busy cat room.