New England

"At the Marsh Edge"

6x6 oil on stretched canvas, original $40 (including $5. for shipping)

Biddeford Pool, Maine

The Purple Martins are starting to nest in our gourds so I have swallows in my mind. This nestbox and dinghy are in my reference photo taken last summer, but not the Tree Swallow, my best guess as to who uses this box (hopefully not starlings!).

At the top, a side-view shows it painted a harmonizing gray so that the small piece does not need to be framed. I do this to all my paintings that are on stretched canvas, as opposed to linen panels, which must be framed.

"September at Salt Pond"

6x8 oil on stretched canvas, SOLD

You might recognize this view from the Cape Cod National Seashore Visitor Center in Eastham. It looks out over Salt Pond with Nauset Marsh in the background. While I was working for the park I had many a Teva sucked off my foot by the muck out there. Nevertheless, me and my partner decided that Tevas were the best footwear to wear in the marshes while we did bird surveys. But what does this have to do with this painting? I just love this marsh & the one up beyond Race Point too. I've spend many enjoyable hours out there. I took this photo in 2008 during a September visit, on an overcast day. I knew I would paint this scene someday and I may do a larger one too.