acrylic paintings

Winter Storms & 'Northeastern Florida Beach'

20 x 16 acrylic on canvas, sold

When the weather looks like this outside...

Many painters turn to beach scenes, but this has been on my easel - on and off - for months, before it was really cold out.  I enjoy the snow very much - this is only my second northern winter; it is still a novelty to me and magically beautiful.  My snow paintings are yet to work out.  

This beach was inspired by photos I took in FL, but also from The Bahamas, Spanish Key (bottom).  

Something Different

Untitled 9x12 acrylic on canvas (sold)

A visitor to my studio saw a little study I'd set aside and liked it, I repainted it onto canvas for them.  Working more abstraction into my paintings is a goal of mine but this full abstraction, with really no hint of what the subject, is just something different and freeing.   I'll leave what I had in the back of my mind to your imagination.

'S/V High Jinx'

11x14 acrylic on board, NFS

Boats are far from my favorite painting subjects but I painted this for my husband.  High Jinx, a 37 foot Tayana, was our home for almost 2 years.  During most of time we cruised between The Bahamas and St. Lucia (about half-way down the West Indies or Lesser Antilles).  In the reference photo we took from our dinghy, she's anchored at Great Inagua in clear water with a shadow cast onto the shoal, sand bottom.

It was a great adventure but not something I want to do again so I was surprised how nostalgic painting her, examining her every line, made me feel.  She kept us dry and safe on some long, scary passages, she was a good sturdy boat.  Mind you we did not cross oceans but sometimes it felt that way on long DARK nights under sail, at the helm by myself.

There's been a second High Jinx already, a catamaran we sailed in The Bahamas on for 6 months back in 2008/09.  Don't be surprised to hear about a third in the years ahead.  But paintings of them?  I'm not so sure.

Sandhill Cranes in Flight Study

Despite the lack of posts here, I am indeed alive and well!

  I'm thinking of doing a much larger painting of this crane study, hoping to convey their grace in flight, not details.
Stormy: 'Oh, won't you please play with me...'

Coming soon...
a completed painting of Remy,

pictures of our very own egg production team,

and the reopening of my store.

Pilgrim Goose Pair

8x10 acrylic on linen board, contact me for availability

Mystic Prairie Eco-Farm in Wisconsin breeds Pilgrim geese (and more) and takes lovely pictures and videos of them.   They have given me permission to use their photos as references for which I'm very grateful.  Pilgrim males are white but the females are white and buff/gray.  Do they look in love to you?.

Acrylic paint is challenging since I like to paint slowly and blend-blend-blend, and it dries FAST!   I'm trying to adjust my expectations to the medium...and work with its advantages, texture can be one.  I could have gone back on this one and grayed down some of the saturation and played soft/hard adjustment with the edges but I decided against it...

I turned a certain age this year and in keeping with my pledge to myself to regularly step outside my comfort zone, I present my first ever canning project:  volunteer jalapenos from my husband's garden.  Also, I've canned tomatoes and knitted a few dishcloths/potholder thingies (another first).  

'Trio II' and 'Lakenvelder'

'Trio II'
Acrylic on board 5x7, black frame available

A generic trio free-ranging about.

'The Lakenvelder'
Pastel on sanded paper (approx 4x6")   SOLD

Several years ago at my first poultry show I was taken by the grace and striking black and white of this very nervous rooster.  I took some blurred pictures of him as he paced his small show cage.  

I'm so happy, I have a new camera now and will be posting often.


A while back I kept thinking of a painting of crows flying in to roost on a dead long-leaf pine, several of which stand in neighboring yards, victims of lightning and/or beetles. I painted that for myself & it hangs here by my desk (did I post it here?). Recently I had been thinking of occasionally Carolina Wrens, but mostly of chickadees, in various poses. So when I decided to paint on this solid oak board from an old cabinet, it had to be birds...five of them.

The board is 27 x 4 inches. I've photographed it on a wooden wall, not a good choice really. My husband wants to keep this but I've had some unexpected expenses & will consider offers.

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird

A couple of years ago I painted this little 5x7 acrylic for my Aunt Nita, my only aunt, who I love very much. Our polar opposite views on politics & religion make conversations a dance sometimes. In the South people tend to avoid talking about anything unpleasant so communications and relationships can suffer miserably, in silence.

Anyway, I tend to enjoy painting the less colorful females of bird species. It then comes as no surprise that my favorite birds are entirely neutral in color, North American favorites anyway. Among many others they include Carolina (or any) Chickadees, Swallow-tailed Kites, Gray Jays and all Terns. How cute is this?

It was one of those fledges that came out of the box, with no tail, that I was afraid I, or the dog somehow frightened out after putting him & another back a few times, I took his picture quickly and turned him over to his furious parents in a low tree.

"Day Dream"

"Day Dream" is the name of this sailing dinghy I photographed in Hopetown, Abacos, Bahamas. It has a cute little cat painted on the stern next to the name, like the other 2 similar boats that are in the painting I'm just finishing. I'm off to the little gallery for the day (5x7, $30, acrylic). I think this photo needs to be saturated a bit...

From a few weeks ago...

I photographed this little boat from every angle and I'll probably paint it again. It had really seen some use & seemed to have stories to tell. This little painting sold last week but I was going to bring it back home to put some horizonal stabilization in it...the boat seemed to be floating on the beach a bit.

"Red Stripe"

"Red Stripe", Sailing Dinghy Abacos, Bahamas, 6x8 canvas, unframed, original acrylic
$35, Gallery Under the Oaks, Micanopy, FL
After a big dose of Florida green paintings (a great number of hues that swap back & forth in my mind from seeming to be all the same color, to being overwhelmingly varied), a couple of which are not finished yet, it was so light & refreshing to go back and paint lots of blue and blue-green. I've almost finished another little boat that I'll post next. I have hundreds of reference photos along these lines from our winter season stay (last winter). These little, colorful dinghies, that are very common there, are full of charm. It is a real challenge to try and capture it, ditto the water color without it seeming to brash.