amelia island

Salt Marsh

(6x6 oil on canvas - Sold) I keep painting these marshes because I just like them so much. I vary the composition & the palette a bit each time. Also I'm enjoying these little square canvases, first time I've used squares. In the next day or 2 I'll post a little Bahamas lighthouse I'm finishing.

Another Amelia Island marsh painting

(9x12 oil on canvas - Sold)
Here's another one, I just love painting salt marshes, because I love looking at them. Here I played with violet/yellow complementary pairing & I really like how the colors turned out. Especially that it happened without a struggle.
Yesterday I entirely painted over another marsh scene that was over half "finished". You have to know when you've gone too far down the wrong road & surrender the time & wasted paint. I think (hope) I learned something from it?