'S/V High Jinx'

11x14 acrylic on board, NFS

Boats are far from my favorite painting subjects but I painted this for my husband.  High Jinx, a 37 foot Tayana, was our home for almost 2 years.  During most of time we cruised between The Bahamas and St. Lucia (about half-way down the West Indies or Lesser Antilles).  In the reference photo we took from our dinghy, she's anchored at Great Inagua in clear water with a shadow cast onto the shoal, sand bottom.

It was a great adventure but not something I want to do again so I was surprised how nostalgic painting her, examining her every line, made me feel.  She kept us dry and safe on some long, scary passages, she was a good sturdy boat.  Mind you we did not cross oceans but sometimes it felt that way on long DARK nights under sail, at the helm by myself.

There's been a second High Jinx already, a catamaran we sailed in The Bahamas on for 6 months back in 2008/09.  Don't be surprised to hear about a third in the years ahead.  But paintings of them?  I'm not so sure.

"Day Dream"

"Day Dream" is the name of this sailing dinghy I photographed in Hopetown, Abacos, Bahamas. It has a cute little cat painted on the stern next to the name, like the other 2 similar boats that are in the painting I'm just finishing. I'm off to the little gallery for the day (5x7, $30, acrylic). I think this photo needs to be saturated a bit...

From a few weeks ago...

I photographed this little boat from every angle and I'll probably paint it again. It had really seen some use & seemed to have stories to tell. This little painting sold last week but I was going to bring it back home to put some horizonal stabilization in it...the boat seemed to be floating on the beach a bit.

"Red Stripe"

"Red Stripe", Sailing Dinghy Abacos, Bahamas, 6x8 canvas, unframed, original acrylic
$35, Gallery Under the Oaks, Micanopy, FL
After a big dose of Florida green paintings (a great number of hues that swap back & forth in my mind from seeming to be all the same color, to being overwhelmingly varied), a couple of which are not finished yet, it was so light & refreshing to go back and paint lots of blue and blue-green. I've almost finished another little boat that I'll post next. I have hundreds of reference photos along these lines from our winter season stay (last winter). These little, colorful dinghies, that are very common there, are full of charm. It is a real challenge to try and capture it, ditto the water color without it seeming to brash.

Sweet little 20 something footer

It was hard to get a decent picture of this little painting. If it weren't an oil that has been finished only a couple of days I would have put it on the scanner. The water is more aqua green than this image shows. I'll be taking this one down to the gallery, along with another 5x7 little boat I'm finishing tonight, this Thursday (5x7 oil on canvas, unframed, $25 (SOLD)).