cedar key

"Cedar Key Trail"

6x8 oil on stretched canvas,  SOLD
Cedar Key, Florida

We drove over a couple of weeks ago, it is only an hour away. I found a few places to paint but the tide was extra high, covering features that are important to me: sandy spots, base of the marsh grasses, and even a little mud is good. This is from a photo I took that day. The birds are meant to be a small flock of ibis. If you notice the "paint blob" that is catching the light in an unfavorable way, on the front tree, that is now smoothed down.

"Seahorse Key" Cedar Key, Florida

This little oil painting (6x8) is from a photo I took on a trip out to Seahorse Key off Cedar Key. These islands, part of the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, have lovely white sand beaches & lots of sun-bleached driftwood on the beaches. Other pictures I took show sable palms hanging onto sand cliffs at all sorts of angles. Yes, there is actually some high land on Seahorse Key & a lighthouse too. A visit requires a boat. We went over on a fundraiser event trip with the Refuge's friends organization who have a great website: http://www.friendsofrefuges.org/index.html
I considered putting all sorts of additions in since the large driftwood in the photo looked essentially like a giant spider. But with enthusiastic advice from my husband, who I sometimes listen to, I left it a simple peaceful scene (without feeding pelicans, stalking heron, or distant sailboat etc.).