drip....drip..drip and Schmid's color charts

Two gallons of chevre and one of feta dripping away their whey.  If anyone is interested in home cheese making but unsure where to start or just curious about it, this is the place to go...Ricki Carroll's blog, with links to her online supply store  
My fingers are crossed for this first try at feta.  Yesterday I did mozzarella two different ways with one good and one mediocre result.  The good news about that is I got the easy 30-minute way to work after a failure a few weeks ago.   Soooo I can discard the longer traditional mozzarella method I had been using.

In his book Alla Prima, Richard Schmid strongly suggests this rather exhaustive color chart exercise I have begun.  It may be nothing magical but I'm hoping it will help me fall back in love with become again intimate with my oil paints whom I have not spent enough time with recently, clear from recent posts.  Here I've started with one of my favorite color's chart, viridian (a blue-green, in its pure state in the left column, then mixed with yellows so far).   This requires a lot of drafting tape, time, and paint but beyond immediate therapy, I can refer back to them for many years.