'Light Rooster' and Eggs

8x10 original oil on hardboard

Painting chickens is very enjoyable for several reasons.  Their feathers are colorful, iridescent, loose, flexible, and variable, which frees me to push color and push lots of paint around.  Also, they are large and always in motion; that helps lessen my tendency to make stiff, statuary-like bird paintings.  But fun they are, stiff-looking or not.

Who knew buying eggs could be fun?  Several months ago I started getting my eggs from a local lady who has Cuckoo Marans (terra cotta eggs), Araucanas (blue/green eggs), and New Hampshire Reds (cream eggs).  Opening the carton is always a pleasure.  I especially love the variable shades of the blue/green eggs.

Some day I'll have my own chickens, and certainly Araucanas, but until then I enjoy several farm blogs and visit the HenCam by Terry Golson.

'Dark Rooster Strutting'

8x10 original oil on hardboard (Gessobord)

This rooster painting is inspired by a rooster that lived on the beach at a cottage we rented in Tobago in '05.  He's in the lower left with a buddy, rummaging in beach husband is on the porch.

The beach there looked like this...

There were incredibly colorful native birds, this blue-crowned motmot was my favorite...he was a flashy guy but very shy.  A good photo of him eluded me.

Just past sunset these fruit-eating bats would come right through the porch to the same sugar feeder (hanging in the middle of the porch shown above). I watched them for hours sitting very near.

Looking back through these photos makes me wonder why we haven't considered returning?  We survived the drivers in Trinidad once, perhaps we could again?

Another 8x10 rooster is in progress.