'Trio II' and 'Lakenvelder'

'Trio II'
Acrylic on board 5x7, black frame available

A generic trio free-ranging about.

'The Lakenvelder'
Pastel on sanded paper (approx 4x6")   SOLD

Several years ago at my first poultry show I was taken by the grace and striking black and white of this very nervous rooster.  I took some blurred pictures of him as he paced his small show cage.  

I'm so happy, I have a new camera now and will be posting often.

'The Trio'

Pastel on sanded pastel paper - like the geese above, this piece is < 5x7" and framed under a white mat in a black frame.  SOLD  

'A trio of what?' another chicken lover like myself might ask, but I don't have a good answer.  These 'chooks' are an imagined composition of a somewhat Icelandic rooster with generic black and white hens.  

Here's a few of the kids I've had the pleasure to hang out with recently...

Last of the "Chicks"

I'm moving on to landscapes from the chickens for now but I couldn't resist giving these chicks a shot.
8x8 oil on stretched canvas

I hope you are all enjoying spring flowers, lime-green leaves, or at least snow-melt.  One week of official winter left.

'Light Brahmas'

8x8 oil on stretched canvas

This is one of the breeds of chicken I would like to have. They are very docile but I'm not sure about the feathered legs and feet they have...

With the windows closed to keep the too warm air out, Stormy sleeps through his visitors at the window.