Aldermere Farm Annual Art Show

100s of pieces of artwork, hay bales, rustic barn, portable construction lighting, benefiting youth agriculture and education programs provided by this great, beautiful farm owned by Maine Coast Heritage Trust.  I'm very happy to have been a part of this for the 1st time and sold my submissions.

Every Wednesday I volunteer at the farm's visitor center for a few hours selling t-shirts, books, artwork, and humanely- and sustainably-raised beef!

'On Winter Pasture'

8x8 original oil on stretched canvas (sold)

A belted galloway calf with adults.   The reference photo I took in summer but this feels like a more natural setting to paint in February, even in N. FL.

A few days ago I saw a small redbud tree in bloom, my yellow jessamine is about to pop, a few purple martins are back in town (not mine), and the cardinals are singing with renewed vigor.  They never stopped entirely.  I am not ready to give up the chilly blanket weather!

p.s.  I remove the middle-ground cow (with the stretched rectangle of a body!) and changed the color scheme to spring, doctored the calve's head/face, these were all helpful to this painting.

'Red Beltie'

A large, red, belted galloway calf from a photo I took last summer.  He was dun but I took the liberty of painting him red instead. 6x8 original oil on stretched canvas, muted yellow sides (yellow ochre)

Stormy helping me out today...

Thanks to the very talented artist Kim VanDerHoek who generously sent me several beautiful notecards from her blog giveaway.

Red Cow

Here's another little cow painting (SOLD-5x7 on Hardbord panel) from a set of photos I took at the pastures of the UF beef teaching unit.  I've no idea what she is beyond being red and having a jersey-like face and a beefy body.  I'm working on a couple of larger paintings for a show the local arts assn. is putting on, 'Gator Nation'.  The subjects of my submissions are cranes and/or cows from this set of pasture photos.  The pastures are a regular hang-out of Sandhill Cranes.