Show at the Good Tern Coop Cafe (and a colony of bees)

A selection of my paintings will hang at the Good Tern Coop Cafe from May 4th 2015 until May 31st.   I've been a weekly working member there, in produce, for over a year.  They are a wonderful group of people to work with and I'm grateful to be offered this opportunity.

I'll have a dozen or so paintings there.  My most recent work is at an intimate scale and primarily portrays my interest in the overlooked and undervalued within our environment: 'weeds', pollinator food plants; and bees, both native and honey bees. Some pieces might spark conversations about what a surprisingly big difference seemingly small changes can make in our own yards.  There will also be some 'winter flowers' such as roses (store-bought) and geraniums (blooming indoors), just what I found available and colorful in the frozen northern winter.

Last Saturday I brought home 15,000 new pets.  They seem to be settling in okay, despite the poor flying weather they have been able to bring home pollen a few days.

Aldermere Farm Annual Art Show

100s of pieces of artwork, hay bales, rustic barn, portable construction lighting, benefiting youth agriculture and education programs provided by this great, beautiful farm owned by Maine Coast Heritage Trust.  I'm very happy to have been a part of this for the 1st time and sold my submissions.

Every Wednesday I volunteer at the farm's visitor center for a few hours selling t-shirts, books, artwork, and humanely- and sustainably-raised beef!

Lighthouse at Port Clyde, Maine, near sunset

This is the first time I've painted on linen, having put it off because I had read many times that one
would never want to use canvas again, and all those folks are right. Anyway, with the
Melrose Open Air Arts event coming up I needed to find a panel I liked instead of using stretched
canvas (panels are easier to transport & frame).

Click on the poster icon here in the right margin to find out more
about the paint-out. We will be painting at designated locations March 10-17
and the opening for the resulting works will be Saturday, the 20th 6-9pm at all 3
participating galleries in Melrose, FL. We can show 3 pieces each and there are 65 of us, so
there will be lots to look at, plus live music, and refreshments.

Also I have 2 works on display at the Medical Center, also noted here on the right. They are
"Called to Dinner" ( a few posts back) and "Boatyard from the Bridge", which is shown in the
October 9, 2009 post.
(8x10 oil on linen - "Lighthouse at Sunset" - Available)