Show at the Good Tern Coop Cafe (and a colony of bees)

A selection of my paintings will hang at the Good Tern Coop Cafe from May 4th 2015 until May 31st.   I've been a weekly working member there, in produce, for over a year.  They are a wonderful group of people to work with and I'm grateful to be offered this opportunity.

I'll have a dozen or so paintings there.  My most recent work is at an intimate scale and primarily portrays my interest in the overlooked and undervalued within our environment: 'weeds', pollinator food plants; and bees, both native and honey bees. Some pieces might spark conversations about what a surprisingly big difference seemingly small changes can make in our own yards.  There will also be some 'winter flowers' such as roses (store-bought) and geraniums (blooming indoors), just what I found available and colorful in the frozen northern winter.

Last Saturday I brought home 15,000 new pets.  They seem to be settling in okay, despite the poor flying weather they have been able to bring home pollen a few days.

It's really cold here! How about some flowers from spring?

It seems there are around 165 species of lupines in the US, sadly, like hummingbirds, the West has the variety.  We in the East have only about 8 according to the USFS site.

It appears the ones growing in mid-coast Maine are big-leaf lupines Lupinus polyphyllus.

Want to see them all 165 species?  Just scroll down and click on any of the maps...

Back in July I took classes with the talented artist and teacher Abbie Williams.  She kindly directed me on the start of this painting and allowed me to keep her photo reference for this.  Each year when we arrive up north there are only a few stragglers hanging on...

8x10 oil on linen, contact me for availability


8x10 oil on gessoboard

These flowers I photographed at Merryspring Nature Center in Camden, Maine.  It's the home of Merry Dog dogpark, one of Remy's favorite play places.  But in an area where dogs aren't allowed, they maintain a lovely garden of flowers and vegetables...what an attractive way to grow green beans...can you make them out?

'Summer Flowers'

6x8 original oil on stretched canvas, email me for availability

This is a study I painted from photos of last years sunflowers, but this year's crop is budding.