Palms and Salt Marsh, Husband's handy-work

8x8 oil on canvas
Another painting of the Gulf Coast salt marshes with palm and cedar hammocks (Crystal River/Chassahowitzka area).

Last week my husband had a significant birthday and in his honor and in gratitude I am posting some of his handy-work (which was built for my birthday).   He built fences, gates, 2 benches (for sleeping & jumping), a 'summer' barn, milk stand, and hay manger for my goats...

At night I lock them in the smaller pen where, I slightly hesitate here to admit, I have a baby monitor to listen for any overnight issues like coyotes or loose dogs.  Our dogs are house dogs and no help as livestock guardians.  

Everyone who has goats has a story about dog attacks with injuries and often deaths (sadly I'm not exaggerating).  I don't want to let these girls down...would you?

Phoebe & Fame

Yearlings playing 'king of the hill'

Part play, part competition the yearlings (year-and-a-halflings really) are acting like kids.  Sorry about the fencing but if I go inside they stop and come see me.  These were taken from my kitchen window.

p.s. this blog will include art again...but just photography again today.

Gold (Phoebe) and silver (Fame) medalists take their positions..

Distractions from painting...

If making goat cheese from someone else's goats' milk and selling a bit of it were not enough of a distraction from painting, these new arrivals are more.  They are attention sponges.

(I'll take that spanish moss!)

'Two Nubians' and Attention Cat Lovers Like Me!

Are Nubian goats born with their ears full size?  When I see the kids I always wonder.  These two are yearlings I think.  I took the photo for this at the Union Fair in Maine.
8x8 original oil on stretched canvas, sides painted gray

Displaying paintings on a log cabin wall poses clear challenges...but the little historic building has a certain charm.  Here are my most recent paintings hung at the little gallery in Micanopy (albeit a poor photo).

If you are in the Gainesville area, or even not, I recommend you check out the blog of Earth Pets Organic Feed and Garden.  Especially since I won a $25 gift card from their latest drawing!!

If you are a cat lover, you must see the poster they included in the post 'Dear Cat Lovers'.  Have you ever wondered if it is really possible to tell a blue mackerel cap and saddle silver shade from a caramel classic point mitted golden shade??  No, well you'll still love this poster...

Besides Painting...

A few paintings are almost finished but not ready to post.  So in the meantime, how about some scenery and animals?

That's me picking (but mostly eating) blueberries up on one of the Camden hills.  The islands of Penobscot Bay are in the background.

These waves at Pemaquid Point were up a bit but we have seen them larger.  I could watch them and the birdlife all day.  There were eider ducklings doing a bit of surfing up within feet of the rocks with Mom nearby.  We learned not to underestimate the swimming ability of even tiny sea ducks.  

Here are some of the adult eiders that were rafting rather idly just off the wave-crashed rocks.  Terns, my favorite seabirds, flew by and dove now and then (photo should blow up with a click).

Since taking the cheese workshop at Ten Apple Farm, I admit to being infatuated with goats.  We took advantage of the Maine Fiber Arts Tour Weekend to visit Wendy at Springtide Farm and her cashmere goats.  The softness of cashmere is unsurpassed and it was a pleasure to meet some of the friendly goats who are the source.  All made possible by the Farm's careful breeding practices, humane animal care, Maine's cold winters, and lots of work!  I am hugely grateful to Wendy for her patience in answering my multitude of questions about goat fencing, goat horns, goat behavior, goat guard dogs and donkeys, etc., etc.