"Days Old"

6x6 original oil on stretched canvas, SOLD

This little guy was in the same pasture on Millhopper as the most recent cow piece below. He is of unknown (to me) breeding & age, but not a Hereford, despite the coloring, and not many days old.

"Called for Dinner", Rhode Island Red chickens at Dudley Farm

This painting (10x8 oil on canvas - SOLD) was fun other than struggling with the shadowed background's value. I had it much darker, in all transparent colors, but it just seemed too dark. But could I justify it being lighter than the dark side of the chickens? For better or worse I added some opacity to it and lightened it up. I also added the fence rather than leaving the gap behind the building empty.

These chickens were in "there's the lady with the long skirt and the food calling us!" mode when I took the reference photo for this. It was a fun challenge to try to capture their movement.

If you have not gone to Dudley Farm State Historic Park, they have heritage breed livestock and the staff dresses in early 1900s farmstead clothing. The farm is not a re-creation and quite old by Florida standards. It is located just west of Gainesville only a few miles from my house. Here's a link to their home page's photo gallery:
and the photos at their Friends site:
If you are local, they are selling fresh eggs for $2/dozen there! Their larger flock of chickens are Plymouth Barred Rocks; I took some great pictures of them but I'm not sure I'm interested in tackling those barred feathers in paint.