marsh paintings

Fun With Pastels

5x7" pastel on sanded paper -  a marsh just north of Norton Pond in Lincolnville, ME.  Utilizing fiction can be very useful, or at least fun (!) when painting and the colors I wanted to use say 'spring' more than the reference (poor photo below).  Painting bright yellows, reds, & oranges didn't appeal to me at the time. 

Here's a picture of the world's best dog (because he mostly acts like a cat ;) 

'Spring Afternoon, Tuscawilla Prairie II'

8x10 oil on linen, email for availability

This scene drew me back to it.  Painting here was really my most pleasant plein air session to date.  It was a coolish upper 60s, breezy, mid-March day,  with no one around.  The tall pines in the middle seemed to hold an occupied Bald Eagle nest and watching their comings and goings heightened an already great day.

Here in north Florida, painting outdoors has not been a pleasant option since mid-April, for me.  Obviously we all have different tolerances for heat and mine is getting lower with each passing year it seems.  If my good luck holds we will continue to spend more and more time in Maine each year.  We leave in two weeks, not that I've been counting the days (since we returned last fall).

Painting outdoors is really essential to my creating landscapes paintings that I care for and the last few months I've painted some culls from photographs.  That's why I turned back to painting animals recently.  Unless they are asleep, or perhaps grazing, they have to be painted from photographs.  One of my goals with my animal paintings is to paint animals in motion whenever possible.  This is challenging because it requires a good deal of photographic time in the field and tests my skills with my camera.  Oh if only I could coax those chickens to move a bit more slowly.  More chickens in the next post I believe.

'Spring Afternoon, Tuscawilla Prairie'

8x10 oil on linen - SOLD

Painting the piece on site was a real pleasure: waterbirds and migratory songbird all over, and lovely weather.

The is the 3rd of the 4 Melrose OAA paintings. The last I will post for now because I forgot to take a picture of the 4th, a small blue sailboat docked amid cypresses on the lake.