Palms and Salt Marsh, Husband's handy-work

8x8 oil on canvas
Another painting of the Gulf Coast salt marshes with palm and cedar hammocks (Crystal River/Chassahowitzka area).

Last week my husband had a significant birthday and in his honor and in gratitude I am posting some of his handy-work (which was built for my birthday).   He built fences, gates, 2 benches (for sleeping & jumping), a 'summer' barn, milk stand, and hay manger for my goats...

At night I lock them in the smaller pen where, I slightly hesitate here to admit, I have a baby monitor to listen for any overnight issues like coyotes or loose dogs.  Our dogs are house dogs and no help as livestock guardians.  

Everyone who has goats has a story about dog attacks with injuries and often deaths (sadly I'm not exaggerating).  I don't want to let these girls down...would you?

Phoebe & Fame

"Palms at Crystal River" (Citrus Co. Florida)

(6x6, oil on canvas - SOLD)
The salt marshes on the Gulf of Mexico are bordered by expansive stands of sable (cabbage) palms, cedars, and oaks. The groves of palms often stand alone on islands and create an interesting landscape, their crowns pointing in all directions with many "bald" trunks interspersed. On this little painting, I got carried away with the color and texture of the grass and let the creek become a straight "Z". I need to remember to step back more but this can be surprisingly hard to remember when you are having fun.

There are dozens of "crystal rivers" across the country but here is a link to a small photo gallery of this area and it's wildlife. It is best known as a place to swim with the manatees. The "page 2" contains a few nice marsh pics.