pilgrim geese

Pilgrim Goose Pair

8x10 acrylic on linen board, contact me for availability

Mystic Prairie Eco-Farm in Wisconsin breeds Pilgrim geese (and more) and takes lovely pictures and videos of them.   They have given me permission to use their photos as references for which I'm very grateful.  Pilgrim males are white but the females are white and buff/gray.  Do they look in love to you?.

Acrylic paint is challenging since I like to paint slowly and blend-blend-blend, and it dries FAST!   I'm trying to adjust my expectations to the medium...and work with its advantages, texture can be one.  I could have gone back on this one and grayed down some of the saturation and played soft/hard adjustment with the edges but I decided against it...

I turned a certain age this year and in keeping with my pledge to myself to regularly step outside my comfort zone, I present my first ever canning project:  volunteer jalapenos from my husband's garden.  Also, I've canned tomatoes and knitted a few dishcloths/potholder thingies (another first).