Fun With Pastels

5x7" pastel on sanded paper -  a marsh just north of Norton Pond in Lincolnville, ME.  Utilizing fiction can be very useful, or at least fun (!) when painting and the colors I wanted to use say 'spring' more than the reference (poor photo below).  Painting bright yellows, reds, & oranges didn't appeal to me at the time. 

Here's a picture of the world's best dog (because he mostly acts like a cat ;) 

Fire plans, knitting, and goat cheese

This quote sort of  explains my personal experience with the Melrose paint-out this year...

"When a picture isn't realized, you pitch it in the fire and start another." (Paul Cezanne) 

I've hung one from Melrose but I don't like it enough to post it...maybe it should really will be a very long time before I paint palm trees again.

However I have a painting of my cat that I will indeed post soon.  He is such a cutie it is hard to mess him up, or so it seems so far.  What do you think?

If you are by chance like me and admire fluffy dogs, but don't yet live with one, here is something you should know...Chow and his winter coat...and this is only pile #1, pile #2 was almost as big.  He is a really great dog and we do love him very much!

Happenings in our 1 acre, spring bird scene:  Carolina Wrens fledged 4 little short-tailed cuties from the shoe box we taped in the rafters of our pole barn/carport, Bluebirds are feeding chicks, 3 Purple Martins have moved into the gourds,  Chickadees chicks are in 2 boxes, the non-stop-coach-like whistle of a Great Crested Flycatcher make our yard sound like a playing field,  murder of 6 crows visits regularly looking for hand-outs, Northern Parulas are our tinyest and cutest bird-bath-bathers.

Oh yes, looking back at the (draft's) title,  I have learned to knit, albeit haphazardly...and have started making goat cheese which is currently, as of today, available for sale at Earth Pets Organic Feed and Garden in downtown Gainesville 'For Pet Consumption Only'.